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A mortgage is likely to be the biggest financial commitment of your life, how can you be confident that you’ve got the best deal? Whether a first time buyer or a portfolio landlord, you need to ensure you have the right products.

Finding the right remortgage, and certainly moving home, are already very stressful. Let us take some of the strain by making the whole mortgage process as painless as possible. Our independent, expert mortgage advisors are committed to finding the best deal for you. 

Once you’ve spoken to one of our friendly mortgage advisors, we get to work; not resting until we’ve found what you need. A great deal, peace of mind, and a stable future in your new home.

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We prioritise understanding your needs. Leveraging our expertise, we scour both prominent and overlooked lenders for the best mortgage rates. After finding the ideal product, we handle the application process, providing support throughout and beyond property exchange.

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The Mortgage Broker will search across the market and find the right solution for your circumstances. Offering an entirely free comparison service, we can offer you no-obligation quotes across all our lenders from high street through to specialist. Whether complex income, bad credit or you simply are unsure about your best options, our mortgage advisors will find the best rate for your circumstances.

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Handy Tools and Calculators for First Time Buyers

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How much can I borrow?

The mortgage borrowing calculator is designed to help you work out how much you could borrow, getting you one step closer to owning your own home. Simply enter a few key details to get an estimate.

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How much will my mortagage repayments be?

Repayments are calculated by the size of your mortgage, the interest rate from your lender, and your mortgage term. By entering a few key details, you will receive an indicative value.

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What will the stamp duty be?

By using the Stamp Duty calculator, you can work out if you will have to pay stamp duty, and if so, how much. It’s important to factor these additional costs into your budget when you’re considering your affordability.

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Who we are

We are mortgage and protection specialists who aim to support you through the whole process of finding and setting up your new mortgage. Whatever your needs, we’ll find a solution and that’s a promise.

Formed in St Neots, Cambridgeshire in 2005, The Mortgage Broker has been dispensing expert advice to clients across the UK for over a decade. Many other mortgage advisors will run a mile at the first sign of any complication, but not us. You want a mortgage, you want the best deal, and you need it fast. That’s where we come in.

What we offer

Whether you’re a first time buyer, looking for a buy-to-let mortgage or remortgaging your property, we’ll find the perfect solution for you. Our advisors want to make the process easy, and the best way to do that is to keep you in the loop the entire time. For no-nonsense, jargon-free advice, get in touch for a no obligation, free quote and let’s work together to find you the best mortgage for your circumstances, safe in the knowledge that we’ll help you every step of the way.

Bad credit? No problem. We know what a burden it is to be under the constant stress of dealing with debt. When it comes to finding a mortgage, your debt feels like an anchor, forever keeping you from reaching the surface. No matter your financial situation, we’ll endeavour to help you get the best deal possible.

How the Mortgage Broker Helps You – The Best there is at What We Do

  • UNDERSTANDING:  We want to understand your position, that way we’ll be able to best determine how we can help.
  • EXPERTISE: We find the best mortgage rates by not only looking at the obvious candidates, but many smaller lenders that get overlooked. These may have better deals and are just as trustworthy as their more well-known counterparts.
  • WORK: Once we’ve found the right deal, we submit the application to the lender, just sit back and wait for your application to be accepted.
  • SUPPORT: We support you until the completion of your property exchange and beyond, with ongoing support and monitoring services even after the keys are in your hands!
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What mortgage advice do I need?


Remortgaging basically means moving your mortgage debt to a new lender, or doing a transfer to a new mortgage deal and staying with the same lender, that’s it. When you decide to remortgage, you need the best interest rate and our advisors will search the market to find the best deal.

There are many reasons you may decide to remortgage. It’s important to us that you know we’ll always take your situation into consideration to arrive at the best financial outcome for you.

Reasons you may be considering remortgaging include:

  •       Capital Raising
  •       Home Improvement
  •       Debt Consolidation
  •       Retirement
  •       Change of Personal Circumstances, i.e. divorce, illness

You should know that no matter the circumstances, there is always an option that’ll work for you. We put together a page to go through the remortgaging process step-by-step and explore all the aspects to consider before undertaking this next step.


A buy-to-let mortgage is for a property that you intend to put on the rental market rather than live in yourself.

Whether setting up on a new purchase or a property you have inherited, navigating the labyrinth of buy-to-let mortgages is often enough to put you off even considering it! There are also many different rules and tax implications to consider in renting a property. When it comes to the buy-to-let mortgage itself, we’ll support you through the process and explain everything you need to think about in a concise, precise way.

Getting the right advice is important when looking to get a mortgage for a property that is an investment. If you’re looking to become a landlord, or simply using the property as a means to generate passive income, finding a buy-to-let mortgage broker is what you’ll need.

Because there is so much to think about before making your decision, we recommend having a look at our dedicated guide. This page brings clarity to the chaos and runs through, step-by-step, everything you need to know. Or just give us a call, we’ll be happy to talk through all of your options.


Moving Home

Moving home is an exciting, stressful time. You don’t need any more issues added onto this mammoth task, especially not any to do with your mortgage!

When moving home you need everything to line up perfectly. Timing is paramount, and ideally you’ll synchronise your move with the expiration of your current mortgage rate. This isn’t always possible, of course, but in an ideal world this is what you should aim for. It’s best to start this conversation about 6 months before you plan to move, to allow for all parties to do all the necessary work. There is also the option to transfer your mortgage to your new home; this option is only available with a few lenders but we’ll check every possibility to allow you to make the most informed decision.

To put it simply, when moving home your mortgage options will be:

  •       Moving an existing fixed term deal to your new property
  •       Ending a current mortgage in favour of a new one (you will need to pay an exit fee in this case)
  •       Applying for a new mortgage if your term has ended or you are on a variable rate

All of these options are viable, and with our free, no obligation mortgage advice, we’ll be able to talk you through all of them. By doing this we get a good idea of what you want to achieve and the best way for us to help you achieve it.

First Time Buyer

Moving into a new home is one of the most exciting times of your life. You’ve found the perfect home, you’re going to get on the property ladder; making sure you get the best deal for your first mortgage is vital, and that’s where our expert advice comes in. We’re pleased to offer our services as a mortgage broker for first time buyers.

Seeking your first mortgage is challenging, the market feels volatile at times and there is only so far your own research will take you. Getting advice from a mortgage advisor gives you ways to boost your chances of mortgage acceptance, and tips on deposits and the different types of mortgages available to you.

We’ll also cover topic such as:

  •       What fees you’ll need to pay
  •       How much you’ll be able to borrow from the bank
  •       Mortgage amount based on salary and outgoings

You can always contact us directly for a free quote with absolutely no obligation. To give you a taste of the wealth of knowledge and expertise you can expect from us, our page on mortgages for first time buyers contains an in-depth look at everything to consider including, stamp duty for first time buyers and how the help-to-buy scheme works.


Bad Credit

Nothing should stop you from being able to own your own home. We don’t think that debt or a bad credit score should inhibit you from being able to live in a home you can call your own. We want you to be safe in the knowledge that repayment of your mortgage will remain stable, removing this stress from your life. Because let’s face it, life is stressful enough as it is!

With a little work and a little patience, finding a bad credit mortgage broker and the right mortgage for you, no matter your financial distress, is possible. Navigating the minefield of obtaining a mortgage if you have bad credit feels like an uphill struggle, one that we are happy to take off your hands. We work with lenders that specialise in bad credit; our expert advisors know exactly who to contact to deal with any type of bad credit.

To give you an idea of how we can help, take a look at the following list to see the issues we are experts at dealing with:

  •       Adverse Credit
  •       Subprime Mortgages
  •       Poor Credit History
  •       CCJ’s
  •       IVA’s
  •       Bankruptcy

And that’s just to name a few. Whether you need to remortgage with bad credit, are in mortgage arrears or need debt consolidation, our mortgage advisors will find a way to help with a common sense approach that’ll cut straight to a solution. It’s something of a matter of pride for us that we’ll help you where others would turn you away. Nobody’s perfect and we believe that just because you may have financial woes, it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to have a roof over your head and a way to gain the stability of being in the property ladder.

So, if you have any of these problems, don’t hesitate to get in touch, read our comprehensive guide on bad credit mortgages to get a better idea of the kind of services we offer in this area, and don’t be afraid to give us a call for a free, no obligation quote.

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Protection and Insurance

Because a mortgage is going to be the largest loan you ever take out, you need to ensure you protect yourself and your family. There is a lot to consider when selecting the right insurance to protect the things that are most important to you. It is a decision you need as much information as possible about before making your choice.

It’s not just your mortgage that’s important for securing the financial future of your home. If the worst were to happen, you don’t want your family to be left with mounting bills to pay, or to lose their home altogether. Covering yourself in the event of critical illness or loss of income protects your loved ones from unnecessary stress and ensures they remain safe and secure no matter what happens.

That’s why we also make it our job to provide you with everything you need to know about:

  •       Premiums
  •       Liability
  •       Risk Management
  •       Health Insurance
  •       Life Insurance
  •       Asset Protection
  •       Property Insurance

What’s more important than the people you share your life with? It is an unfortunate fact of life that the unexpected happens more frequently than any of us would care to admit. Don’t gamble with the wellbeing of your home and family; with a little bit of forethought, getting policies in place to help your loved ones is easy.


Mortgage types – simplified

You need a mortgage, but what are the different mortgage types? If you’ve started to look around various lenders and other mortgage broker sites, you’ll undoubtedly have seen many of the following terms used liberally throughout their brochures and online copy.

We thought it would be handy to explain exactly what the different types of mortgage are and which types of properties they are usually used for.

The most common type of mortgage you are likely to be aware of, a fixed rate mortgage has a fixed interest rate that will stay the same for a set amount of time. The main advantage of this is that you are protected from volatility in the market and from rises in interest rates. Fixed terms typically come in two, three or five years, though some are available up to ten years.

A fixed mortgage is great for giving you peace of mind, your repayments will stay stable for years no matter the fluctuations in the interest rate. Budgeting for each payment remains consistent and easy to deal with though if rates fall, you won’t be able to take advantage and there may be early repayment charges if you need to end your mortgage before the term is up.

These mortgages feature a variable interest rate, but are not variable mortgages. Don’t worry, we’ll explain! A tracker mortgage uses the Bank of England’s base interest rate and then through the changes in this, your repayments change depending on this rate. The Bank of England’s rate is the rate that high street banks use when borrowing money and is decided on the first Thursday of each month.

The basic difference between tracker and variable rate mortgages is that the variable is set on the lender’s own interest rates, whereas tracker mortgages are tied to an external rate that your lender follows. The upside of this is that, in general, a tracker mortgage can work out as cheaper than the others. Obviously, any volatility in the market and the economy is going to be reflected in the interest rate and so there is an element of uncertainty involved. Tracker mortgages are usually available for two, three, five or ten years.

A variable rate mortgage is usually an option you’ll be presented with after the term on your fixed rate mortgage ends. Although a risky option, these mortgages are a double-edged sword, prey to the whims of your lenders interest rates. The major upside is that if the interest rates decrease so too will your mortgage payments, on the flipside, if the interest increases then your payments will go up.

Obviously, unpredictability is the main problem. Unlike a tracker mortgage, a variable mortgage doesn’t have to strictly follow the interest rate set by the Bank of England. If you choose, you can go straight on to a variable mortgage rather than a fixed rate one, though we wouldn’t recommend this as a first option. The flexibility of a variable rate mortgage does give you the ability to switch to another deal or provider with no restrictions whatsoever. Budgeting with a variable mortgage can also prove to be a challenge but it isn’t an option you should disregard outright, with careful planning, the freedom of a variable mortgage is advantageous.

The payments on this type of mortgage only cover the interest charges, and don’t touch the amount of the original loan. What’s great about an interest only mortgage is that your monthly payments will be much lower than on a repayment mortgage. What isn’t great about this type of mortgage is that at the end of your term, you won’t have paid off anymore of the original amount you borrowed. With an interest only mortgage, any lender worth their salt won’t even want to put you in the position to take this type of mortgage if you are unable to cover the whole sum, so it isn’t the most common type of mortgage that’ll be offered.

Even though this is a rare type of mortgage, it is mostly found in buy-to-let properties. This option is valuable for buy-to-let landlords as you have lower monthly repayments and can put aside the profits from rented accommodation and pay the full capital when the term of the mortgage ends. Because of the nature of an interest only deal it is viewed as particularly high-risk by lenders, and there is also the danger that any disruption to your cash flow may leave you unable to pay the entire amount at the end of the term.

If you have a large amount of savings, this option may be the best for you. The value of your savings is deducted from the complete amount of your mortgage. Because of this, your monthly repayments are lower, and the higher the amount of your savings, the less interest you’ll pay. What tends to happen with this type of mortgage is that you won’t gain any interest on your savings. Your savings are placed in an offset savings account with your provider, then that value is used to “offset” against your mortgage.

Offset mortgages are available as an option when you choose any of the other mortgage types. You can get great savings every month, and it’s also a fantastic way of helping a family member get on the property ladder.


What are the benefits of using a mortgage broker?

When you need to find the perfect mortgage product, get in touch and let us do all the hard work for you.

Mortgage brokers like us have proven themselves indispensable time and again, finding the deals with the best rates, the easiest repayments and that are suited to your specific needs.

If you are a first time buyer, a mortgage broker becomes an essential part of the process. We demystify the jargon and walk you through the process, step-by-step, giving you all the support and expertise you’ll need to make an informed decision.

Why leave it up to the whims of chance that you may stumble onto the best offer? Don’t feel like you have to settle for going with only the most well-known lenders. You have the control, and the options are limitless.

So, why use a mortgage broker?

Put simply, using a mortgage advisor vastly improves your chances of finding an affordable mortgage. A mortgage advisor is experienced in searching the entire market, not just the offers of one lender, so you are far more likely to get a more suitable mortgage for your personal needs. The Mortgage Broker has access to over 12,000 mortgage products; as a result, finding the best deal for you becomes a certainty.

If you are self-employed, a contractor, or have complex financial issues, you’ll find it harder to get a mortgage from well-known high street lenders. We know that finding a mortgage broker for self-employed people is a pain. Our mortgage advisors work with specialist lenders that offer deals not available on the high street and will deal with every case with a depth of knowledge and understanding you won’t find by going straight to the lender.

Using a mortgage advisor removes the stress from the process of researching and applying for a mortgage. We make sure we’re with you every step of the way, not just through the application process but after submission to help support you with all the legal requirements, ensuring completion occurs without a hitch.

Being a completely independent mortgage broker, our mortgage advisors have no bias toward one particular lender over another. We pride ourselves on listening to your needs first, and finding mortgage deals unique to your personal circumstances and specific financial needs.

Duty bound to be regulated, mortgage advisors give you advice that you can trust. They work tirelessly to provide advice that is compliant that you can be sure is from a qualified professional.

The mortgage regulator wants to ensure that you, the customer, is treated fairly when using a mortgage advisor. To that end, consumer duty has been introduced across the financial services industry. What this means to you is that you know you’ll receive the correct service and support from your mortgage advisor, no matter your personal, professional and financial circumstances.

Not only will our mortgage advisors find the best deal for you, if you decide, they can also support you with insurance and protection advice. This is vital to securing your financial future and safeguarding your home. Getting home insurance is a requirement of mortgage lenders and this can easily be arranged through your mortgage advisor.

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