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Sam Kirtikar

Personal Information: Company Director with extensive experience across financial advisory firms and a demonstrated history of customer service. With a legal background and first financial services role being within debt advice, my focus is always on the customer and ensuring that all support is suitable, sustainable, and affordable.

I am a sports fanatic and still try to find my way around the football pitch despite the knees starting to give in. More likely found on the golf course these days (or in my seat at Chelsea). Otherwise, I am spending most of my time at home with my family probably trying to cook something new or out and about with friends.

If I won the Euro millions lottery I would: First job, buy a new pair of golf clubs because that will clearly improve it all.
Then maybe buy a nice chalet in the mountains so I can ski whenever I need to, or a house in Tuscany to enjoy the food and vineyards. I like to think I would be very generous to all those that deserve it around me.

First Full time job: Selling Audio Guides at the Tate Modern and Tate Britain, London.

I love my job because: I love being part of a team and building a fantastic environment around servicing customers at potentially, their biggest financial decision moment of their lives.