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Craig Leigh

Personal Information: I love all sports especially cricket! I love spending time with my partner and my daughter on days out and family holidays.

Something not everyone knows about me: I have watched every episode of ‘Only Fools and Horses’ over 100 times (my girlfriend hates it! But it took her a few years to actually tell me this, to her disappointment it is still always on at home, we also have two goldfish which are named Del and Rodney).

If I won the Euro millions lottery I would: Of course look after all my family and close friends and go on lots of holidays all over the world, I would also like to build a local cricket school providing free coaching for all and also equipment, this would be to make sure there are no barriers for all local children and adults to be able to play cricket and to increase participation in the sport I am passionate about.

First Full time job: KFC.

I love my job because: There is huge job satisfaction, every day being able to help clients and get them to the outcome they desire whether that be getting on the property ladder or buying their dream forever home for their family.