“If you are considering moving home but you are tied into a mortgage product with HSBC, don’t fret. HSBC offer their existing mortgage customers the option of applying to port their mortgage to a new house. If you’d like to explore this option, we can arrange the application for you and review the rest of the market at the same time. We can make sure you’re getting the right deal for your new circumstances. We can confirm whether porting is the most cost-effective way to purchase your new home and complete any applications on your behalf. We will support you every step of the way until you walk through the door of your new home.”

Richard Callaghan

Senior Mortgage and Protection Adviser – The Mortgage Broker Ltd

Are you thinking about finding your next home? If so, and you have a mortgage on your current property with HSBC, you may want to think about porting your mortgage when you move.

Porting your mortgage with HSBC: Factors to think about

When you port your mortgage, you stay on your current deal while moving from one property to another. However, it’s vital to know that HSBC is not duty bound to do this.

You should still check, of course, but you’ll be expected to clear the hurdle of a credit check first. Since time has passed since HSBC originally agreed to the mortgage that you’re on now, there may have been changes to your credit record. If you fail the check, they could reject your mortgage porting request.

The outcome of requesting to port your mortgage could also depend on the value of your new home. If you can supply a deposit and not need to borrow any more than the outstanding balance on your mortgage, your chances of porting may be better. However, if you are hoping HSBC might lend you more, this could also affect your chances of success.

Even if you clear all those hurdles, there is nothing in force to say that HSBC must honour the interest rate currently applied to your mortgage. As you can see, there are lots of elements to think about.

Going solo or using a broker from The Mortgage Broker Ltd

There’s nothing to stop you booking an appointment to see someone at HSBC or to call them to find out more about mortgage porting. However, call times may vary and you may be waiting for a while to see or speak with someone. Hardly ideal when everyday life continues, and you’ve got other things to do involving your potential move as well.

If you managed to get through the process with a successful outcome, and HSBC agrees to port your mortgage, there are still various other tasks you’ll need to complete before you can unpack your kettle for a cuppa in your new home.

That’s why other customers have come to The Mortgage Broker Ltd seeking advice on porting a mortgage with HSBC. You too can take advantage of the knowledge held by our team of brokers when considering mortgage porting. You’ll always be able to rely on one broker to guide you throughout the process too – no changing to different people and explaining the situation over and over as you go. With one point of contact – convenient, simple, and working for your throughout – you’ll be able to focus on other matters.

In short, if you contact our team, we’ll be able to speak with HSBC to find out whether mortgage porting is a possibility. We’ll take you through the application process if so, and if not, we’ll have the best alternatives lined up to share with you. You won’t feel as if you’re back to square one before you’ve even started. Think of us as a knowledgeable guide, making sure you won’t put a foot wrong along the way.

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