Limited Company Buy to Let Case Study

Historically, limited company buy to lets have only been available for specific Ltd companies that have been set up purely for the buying and renting of investment properties. Our client Alex, who is a developer had recently completed a small development of 5 properties 4 new builds and one conversion and was intending to sell 4 properties to help pay for the development and to take some profit for the next venture whilst retaining one property to expand his property portfolio. Alex needed to refinance the property he was keeping to release some cash as the other properties were still for sale with no immediate buyer in sight. Alex would normally do a standard buy to let remortgage but this wasnt possible in this scenario as he was the developer and most lenders in the current market place do not like the link between the developer and applicant as they are concerned about under market value transactions, also the property was less than 6 months old based on Land Registry entries again meaning that most lenders would not lend based on their black and white lending criteria. We found a lender that was willing to lend to Alex via his development company which is unique in the current mortgage market and they were happy to re finance the new build property within 6 months ownership. The rates and fees are slightly higher than the traditional buy to let mortgage but this is to be expected for a niche type of financing and the paperwork was a little more comprehensive than one would expect. Alex has now had his mortgage offer produced for a 70% mortgage and will be looking to complete the transaction in the next couple of weeks allowing him to secure the next development project that he has his eye on.

Published on 8 November 2012

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