Leeds Building Society Unveils 95% LTV Mortgage

This week saw the Leeds Building Society increase the loan-to-value (LTV) on its five-year fixed rate mortgage to 95 per cent. Not to mention the introduction of a new low interest rate tier for those able to afford a 10 per cent deposit. This new tier means that some applicants will have access to a 90 per cent LTV mortgage at a 5 per cent rate, while those mortgage-seekers setting their sights on the 95 per cent LTV loan are also being offered fees-assisted variants if they require help with the up-front costs of their applications. Leeds Building Society sales and marketing director Kim Rebecchi said: “We know that many customers are looking to lock in value and that finding a large deposit can be a challenge. That is why we have launched these five-Year fixed rates available with as little as a 5 per cent deposit.” “These deals deliver certainty and peace of mind on what is often the biggest monthly outgoing for many households, at a very affordable rate and at a time when people are seeing other bills continue to rise.” Ms Rebecchi suggested that the new mortgage products could be especially attractive to customers seeking to budget carefully, “and particularly to those customers looking for a highly competitive deal with a low deposit.” She noted that the Leeds has “significantly increased” its lending throughout 2011 and believes that the new mortgage products “will stimulate further home-ownership at an affordable rate and support the wider economy.” Interest rates for the five-year fixed rate mortgage deal start at 4.94 per cent, or 5.34 per cent for the fees-assisted version. All versions are without a higher lending charge and allow 10 per cent capital repayments each year without any penalty.

Published on 20 December 2011

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