Home Buyers Report

A home buyers report is a type of survey conducted on a property. It is an intermediate-level survey typically offered by a mortgage lender. The lender’s surveyor usually carries it out.

It is not as involved as a full structural survey. It only deals with areas of the property that can easily be accessed. This does involve some structural elements, but it does not offer the level of information and insight a would-be buyer would get from a full structural survey. No in-depth investigations are undertaken, and the water, drainage, and heating systems would not be checked or tested.

The report sometimes includes a valuation for the property being checked. In some cases, this may reveal the value of the property is lower than the sum offered to purchase it. If this is the case, you could alter your offer to reflect the information obtained by the report.

The home buyers report is a good option if you are looking to purchase a standard property that appears to be in good condition. However, if you are considering buying an older property, it is wise to opt for a full structural survey instead. This will provide far more information on the structural condition of all aspects of the property. A home buyers report would not be the best survey if you are thinking of buying a property that is several decades – even centuries – old.

Of course, there are always risks. If you purchased a standard modern property following a positive home buyers report, you might still encounter issues the report would not have covered.