Fixtures and Fittings

The fixtures and fittings of a property cover all items that are not part of the structure of a property that are included in the purchase of that property. These can vary from one property sale to the next. Typical examples of fixtures and fittings include curtains, blinds, carpets, light fixtures, and white goods. All such items are disclosed in the fixtures and fittings list agreed prior to the property sale.

The term covers a range of items which fall into the scope of fixtures or fittings. For example, fixtures involve items that are fixed into position in some way. Fittings are items that are independent of the property, such as freestanding items. A good example would be a wardrobe left behind when the current owner moves out. If that wardrobe is a fitted wardrobe, it would be included in the fixtures list. If it was a freestanding wardrobe the owner agreed to leave behind, it would be included in the fittings list.

Oftentimes, the seller will agree with the buyer which items will be left behind and form part of the sale. The buyer must then check the list of fixtures and fittings provided before the sale goes through, to ensure all agreed items are included. This is also the point where the buyer must query anything that they are unsure of. For example, the seller may have agreed to leave the washing machine and fridge freezer behind, but they may not appear on the list.

Buyers should always check the list before signing the contract. There have been stories of sellers stripping everything out of a property before moving. Everything from lightbulbs to the lawn (yes, that has occurred) has been taken by some sellers!