Great News on Mortgages as People Become More Optimistic About the UK Economy

The latest figures show mortgages are being approved at the highest rate in several months, buoyed partially by a more encouraging economy. Indeed, GfK, a polling company focusing on the UK economy, shows that consumer confidence has risen significantly in recent times. February 2015 saw the index sitting at +1, while just one month later it stands significantly higher at +4. It has also been suggested that further rises could be seen this month as a result of the recent budget, the last one before the election campaign. As for mortgages, figures have been rising here as well. As we approach the first-year anniversary of the Mortgage Market Review coming into effect, it seems the banks are more in tune with the requirements of the rules. Competition has also been getting fiercer, which is good news for anyone looking to get a mortgage. This holds true regardless of whether an individual is looking to get onto the housing ladder or whether they wish to re-mortgage. The mortgage market overall is looking healthier than ever The immediate aftermath of the new MMR rules being brought in was uncertain to say the least. However after nigh-on a year of bedding in, in addition to ever-lower interest rates of late, it seems consumers are finally getting into a good position. Recent figures showed that more mortgages were approved in February when compared to the average figures taken over the previous six months just over 1,000 more in fact. The figure for those switching to a new mortgage was more encouraging too, up just over 400 on the average taken from the previous six months. How far does optimism go in the UK mortgage market? Certainly, many people can see that mortgage approvals are on the rise. Furthermore it is clear that competition between the banks has seen a vast reduction in the interest rates payable on mortgage deals over the past few months. There may still be room for further reductions in the near future as well. Indeed, anyone looking for a mortgage will find the providers falling over themselves to offer the lowest and most appealing rates and deals on the market today. Some experts say the advantageous mortgage rates could remain in place for some time yet. 2015 may be looked back on as a big year for anyone who was looking for a new mortgage or who wanted to re-mortgage at this time. With a General Election looming and the general population feeling more confident about the economy, this could be a good year for all concerned. Interest rates are not likely to rise for some time yet, which means we could still see more reductions in the interest rates offered on a variety of UK mortgages. Certainly, if people are looking to re-mortgage or buy their first property, 2015 could be a good year to do just that. Perhaps most interesting will be how the consumer confidence index changes depending on who governs the UK after the election is over.

Published on 30 March 2015

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