Finally Good News for Borrowers as Price War Gets Underway in Mortgage Market

It has been a tough year so far for anyone wanting to buy a house or look for a better mortgage deal. However things may be starting to look up according to the latest reports. The next few weeks should see cheaper mortgage deals coming into force across the country. Earlier in the year the introduction of the Mortgage Market Review put many would-be homeowners in a tougher position. This in turn saw fewer people being able to take out mortgages of any size. The summer months saw a downturn in availability but that could be about to come to an end. Lower rates available from a number of providers According to the latest information available there are now some good deals on the mortgage market. Furthermore more deals along the same lines are expected to follow them as we approach the festive season. One of the cheapest deals available at present comes from Yorkshire Building Society. They have a two-year fixed rate deal available for a super-low 1.6%. The building society is among many outlets to have reduced their rates in recent times. However it is worth shopping around to get the best deals. Typically speaking UK mortgages that are spread over five years are available at slightly higher rates. However this can provide a bigger safety net for a longer period, especially since it is widely expected the Bank of England will raise interest rates early in 2015. A change in circumstances The market also looks to have benefited from the Scottish referendum, now the result has been decided. Many people were hesitant to buy or sell in Scotland until the results of the referendum were known. Now this has happened the market there is starting to pick up again. No doubt the increased availability of cheaper mortgages will help those looking to buy their first property or move up the housing ladder. It would also appear lenders are becoming more familiar with the new MMR rules. This in turn is having a more confident effect on the market as things start to settle down after a hesitant and complex few months. Considering the best deals for you Of course no two people are the same and the ideal mortgage deal for you could be very different from one chosen by someone else. You should consider whether or not you can afford the deposit required by each particular mortgage provider too. For instance a three-year fixed rate deal offered by Nationwide Building Society sounds tempting, but it requires you to put down a 40% deposit in order to be considered. Always evaluate every deal before making your choice. It is however good news that the market seems to be livening up as far as potential homebuyers are concerned. The period between now and the end of the year could turn out to be very promising for those who wish to buy or change to a better mortgage deal.

Published on 19 October 2014

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